Why Model Grace Bol is Dynamic

“Some models are so posed, lacklustre and vacant even in editorial, but Grace Bol is so dynamic proving that she’ll be around for a while yet.” This was a sentiment shared by a member of the fashion spot’s discussion board on an editorial of Grace Bol released last week for Drama Magazine Editorial “Populist.” To be frank, I love me some Grace Bol and I completely agree with comment.

why-grace-bol-is-dynamic-2 why-grace-bol-is-dynamic-3 why-grace-bol-is-dynamic-5why-grace-bol-is-dynamic-4

She is so stunning with that sculpted beautiful black body of hers that arguably continues to steal the show in any editorial. It helps of course that she is not afraid to show that clean, sun-kissed skin of hers which to me personifies why black is beautiful. Of course the likes of Vogue Magazine with Wintour at the helm will never feature the likes of Grace Bol (though I’ll say never say never) with cultural trend towards white blonde models or maybe light-skinned black models, hopefully magazines like Drama and my blog will help reverse this trend. I could go on and on, but i’ll let the images above show why model Grace Bol is dynamic.

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Woman of the Moment: Sai Sankoh

She maybe the editor in chief of “Because I am Fabulous” but Sai Sankoh’s style continues to make major waves and quite frankly is beyond fabulous. The instagram page and website (see here) of the seasoned fashionista shows of her signature blend of edgy downtown cool meets high fashion drama, the type that ought to be a feature in a high fashion magazine like Vogue. I would probably rank this beautiful African soul as a mega dominating force in fashion, the one to watch for inspiration, as she constantly provides a sparkling high note on what luxury fashion can look like from a sophisticated African point of view.

sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-3 sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-11 sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-6sai-sankoh-dress

From her demure red number below (which by the way is tres chic) to her fanciful jewels, even her turqoise tone hair color are truly captivating, proof that luxury fashion in an African woman can radiate star quality.

sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-8Sai Sankoh is the perfect antidote to luxury meets fashion from the perspective of African women. She consistently casts a witty nod to the season’s key trends while keeping her look polished and supremely elegant. It’s not wonder that I am proud to say that you my dear Sai Sankoh is the woman of the moment here on Isiomastyle Report and (I think forever)…
sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-4 sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-10 sai-sankoh-dc-blogger-9 sai-sankoh-jeans-

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Image Credit: Sai Sankoh’s Blog


Dolce and Gabbana celebrates motherhood

As most women will know, motherhood is a beautiful thing. At the time of this writing, Dolce and Gabbana’s new fall 2015 collections is being praised everywhere for it’s positive message on motherhood which by the way is an absolutely breathtaking collection that will make any mother look and feel hot.
Dolce-Gabanna-12 Dolce-Gabanna-7 Dolce-Gabanna-2Dolce-Gabanna-13


But back to the collection, as a mother, I truly appreciate how the designer duo are truly pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion especially what’s traditionally being considered as style. Mothers are trendsetters in their own right and I guess it’s a bit shocking that motherhood as portrayed in this new collection is not the norm in all collections. I know Chanel tried it last year with their very gorgeous rendition of a pregnant bride. My only hope is that we continue to see more celebrations of motherhood down the runway, if not for anything, but because mothers make the main bulk of buying decisions in the household, and who knows, we just may get that beautiful print dress afterall. Here are some of my favorites pieces from Dolce and Gabbanna’s celebration of motherhood.

Dolce-Gabanna-11 Dolce-Gabanna-10 Dolce-Gabanna-9 Dolce-Gabanna-8 Dolce-Gabanna-3 Dolce-Gabanna-4 Dolce-Gabanna-6 Dolce-Gabanna-5

Source: Style.com


Joan Smalls is the Rebel Woman

Last Week Net-a-porter’s magazine The Edit, featured one of my favorite models, Joan Small as the rebel woman that she truly is, one who is not afraid to speak her mind, act differently, and damn near look good while doing it.
Joan Smalls channeled that spirit in their editorial of her where she also shared what she has endured just to make it to the top. For starters, she is the first black woman to score a major fragrance campaign, first Latina face of Estee Lauder, booked campaigns for Chanel, Marc Jacob, Gucci, walked for Prada, Lanvin, Dior and her motto is “Always be ready,” which I can’t help but admire, especially as she continues to do everything possible to give herself the best chance to succeed. I also did not not know that she has a degree in psychology, has severe scoliosis (a model with scoliosis-very rare feat), and practices kick boxing.  I love her attitude, her confidence in herself,  but the best part of this interview is the following quote word for word: There are a lot of people always telling you; “No you can’t do that, you can’t achieve it.” So you know what, I can do it.” This is probably the message someone needs to hear today and yes it’s coming from supermodel Joan Smalls, “You can still make it.”

Joan-Smalls-Rebel-Woman-2 Joan-Smalls-Rebel-Woman-3

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The momemt BuzzFeed failed Lagos Street Style

By now, you must all know that I love our sense of fashion and though I have been silent for a long, long time (it’s my other job ooh, the one that pays the bills), I was so happy when the very popular buzzfeed took on streetstyle from Lagos. It came by the way of Bimi Adewummi, a BuzzFeed Staff with the following caption “These gorgeous photos prove that Lagos street style is the best.” The very fact that word “Lagos” was used alongside “street style” were the source of my excitement.

But then it all went downhill when you see the actual pictures she displayed. Take a look for yourself here. All I kept saying to myself I hope there is more, there will be more, there has to be more, wow, this is it. Only one picture stood out in all she featured, and it’s the one she described as the “striking woman in the striking dress.” Even her description was as bland as the writeup itself. I mean if you are going to write about Lagos Street Style, you don’t describe style as “the churchgoer.” Have you ever seen street style  photos from Paris or New York with the crazy descriptors such as this one Bimi used “the starspangled woman turning heads on the street.” Why even bother, if you would not use your BuzzFeed platform well to elevate Lagos style in a critically conscious manner in the first place. I wanted to be remain as happy as I was when I first saw your title, but Bimi, maybe stick to the other things you do well over at Buzzfeed and leave Lagos Street Style to those who truly know what they are doing.

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Beauty is Power and It’s Grace Bol

There is something about Grace Bol that is so refreshingly stunning and no it’s not the color of her skin. It’s the way she lights up the pages of any magazine with poses that are so striking that they remain embedded in your mind long after you move on to something else. I like Grace Bol and yes, I love that she is African, but there is still so much more to her. She is one of the rare breeds in the fashion industry right now, the type that really works hard and looks amazing in cutting-edge fashions. Yet, this stunning model still doesn’t command the attention of major magazine because her skin color is not as white as snow. I wish we all didn’t see color, just humanity in it’s purest form for these images of Grace are simply humanity in it’s supreme form and these latest looks from Giles, David Koma, Ashish all come to life with this model whose beauty is indeed power.

04-Grace-Bol-for-modelsdot-by-mark-rabadan 06-Grace-Bol-for-modelsdot-by-mark-rabadan 01-Grace-Bol-for-modelsdot-by-mark-rabadan 07-Grace-Bol-for-modelsdot-by-mark-rabadan




If I were in Paris Today, I would wear Pink

The fifth day of February is a special day for me because it’s the day one of my favorite people in the world, my dearest sister Rose celebrates her birthday. But then February is a special month as it is a month dedicated to love and what better place to fall in love than in the beautiful city of Paris.

Hello everyone and my sincere apologies with this blog. Blame it on life, work, family, etc. It was never, ever my desire to abandon you, but things got in the way and yes, ISR suffered a little, no, a lot. But I am slowly coming back, it’s honestly not easy to blog while being a wife and a mom and a career woman, but hey, will take this all one day at a time, so back to the post…

So if I were in the city of love, on this glorious 5th day of February, If I were going out to celebrate my sister’s birthday, I would wear pink. It is probably one of my favorite colors and everything pink truly lights up my day, My favorite online stores, net-a-porter.com and outnet.com has a glorious assortment of beautiful pink clothing, shoes and accessories that would make any woman smile. Yes Roses are red, by Pink looks chic any day. Here are my favorites and if I were in Paris today, I would so wear them.

Sophia-Webster-Outnet be-mine GB-NET-A-PORTER gucci-aviators