Rekindling my love for African Food

I used to blog about African Food (see here) and I was reminded about it last week. Food for me is life and African food is truly the bane of my existence. While working on my dissertation I started a blog on mastering the art of African cuisine. Continue reading

asooke headtie

On Aso-Oke: A made in Nigeria fabric

You never quite know when fashion from African will get  to shine bright, but most certainly, when it does, everyone is paying close attention, like when the wisdom of the Nigerian Aso Oke fabric is translated into shoes thanks to Tunde Owolabi.

Over at deisgnindaba last week, Tunde shared insights from when he began to research the fabric that many Nigerian women wear on their head as a headtie. Aso Oke is worn by women at many social gatherings and special occasions and tied in many different ways. Culled from the site: Continue reading


The must have women’s shoe to own: Interchangeable Heels

Finally, shoes are getting a makeover and it’s all thanks to Tanya Heath’s interchangeable heels. According to Huffington Post, the Canadian-born designer, who now lives and works in Paris, has devoted her life to creating practical, comfortable and beautiful shoes for women. Unlike ordinary footwear, all of Heath’s creations come with interchangeable heels. Continue reading


The next beauty secret is Charcoal

I am not making this up, but yes, Charcoal is currently trending as the next big thing to hit the beauty and lifestyle industry. Some, like Bloomberg Business describe Charcoal as a “dark detox with cleansing benefits.” Others like net-a-porter’s Edit Magazine characterize Charcoal as “the new black.” Continue reading


Seeing African Style with New Lens: Volume 1

It’s a new dawn and many people are finally seeing African Style with new lens. If there is one thing that I am thankful for with Instagram is that it has enable many ordinary people portray the continent we love in new lens. It’s the simple things like an African woman’s smile or a healthy looking African child or even our style that is gaining new momentum, which is ironic, considering that we Africans have known for as long as we can remember that we are so much more than what the media wants people to believe or see. Continue reading