What is African Fashion Anyways?

“When Louis Vuitton did a collection three years ago with Masaai fabric we jerked to attention. The crux being we had the fabric for as long as the mind can wander but we only pounced on its wonder when the West okayed it. That applies to African print too as worn by fashion-forward Gwen Stefani, earthy Solange and her superstar sister Beyonce.” By Carol Odero for Daily Nation

The most common question I get asked almost everyday is “What is African Fashion?” Continue reading


Nykhor Paul for New African Woman Magazine

There are very few African High Fashion Models that inspire others around them beyond the runways. South Sudan beauty Nykhor Paul is one of them. She graced the cover of New African Woman Magazine and shared why she is fighting for peace for her beloved country. Continue reading


Is African Fashion Overcrowded?

It seems like almost once a week, there is another “hot new fashion label” presenting a new collection that will embody the African spirit. The staple material to use is always Ankara and they all believe that what they present is “the exciting, strong, eye-catching, beautiful pieces” that you have been missing. Continue reading


Imagine an African Fashion Luxury Bubble

I came across a post yesterday on racked.com on luxury fashion bubble. In the post, one youtube blogger bragged about the seven Fendi bags in her possession all totaling $5,000. To the blogger, each bag has it’s own personality and in her words “depending on how she feels, she usually gravitates to a certain one.” Now some may question if she is sane, given her description of handbags with personalities. Some may say, it’s all vanity, a waste of money that she should have spent on something meaningful, like an education or something of that nature. Some may even say if it makes her happy, what the heck, after all to each his own. Honestly, I don’t care if she spends $5,000 or $500,000 on a bag. What I am tapping into Continue reading


African High Fashion Models: This Week on Instagram

They are black and beautiful and representing Africa to the fullest on runways or magazine editorials. Yet, many people do not give them the respect that is due to them or feature them in daily posts that describe the life of high fashion models on instagram.  So in my bid to celebrate these talents from my continent, to portray it’s our own people positively, welcome to one of my favorite posts of the week, designed to celebrate our very own beautiful models. Here are some pictures of African High Fashion Models, this week on Instagram. Continue reading


Ysaunny Brito for Bergdoff Goodman’s Spring Collection

Spring is in the air, everywhere you look around. This is my favorite time of the year and after this brutal winter, I can’t wait for colors and the lush flowers everywhere. Bergdoff Goodman also knows that we need a little Spring soon and so they have released the latest ads for the Spring Collection that would be featured both online and in their store. I am in love with the idea of all things white and these pictures of Ysaunny Brito for Bergdoff Goodman are as beautiful as they come. Fall in love with white this Spring 2015. See more pictures below. Continue reading