Imagine African Fashion, Trending on Google

Imagine African Fashion, trending on Google right now. What will be landscape look like? Who will be the leaders, the designers to know, the writers to love (hopefully us) and the sites to shop? This is what Google is trying to achieve as indicated in their inaugural report which showcases the six billion fashion-related queries by Google users. Continue reading


On the benefits of Nigerian Okra and Egusi Soup

If you had to make me choose meals that are nutritional dense, visually appealing and oh so pleasant to taste, it would hands be Nigerian Okra and Egusi soup. Okra soup is made with okra and like I shared here yesterday it’s benefits are not only skin deep but one great weight loss secret to try. Continue reading


Beauty Secrets from Africa: An Okra Mask for Dry Skin

If there is anything many Africans are known for, it’s our love for Okra and so I was so glad to see that this love is also in the form of a mask that can be used for dry skin. Culled from stylecraze.com; “Okra is better known by its common name as lady’s finger or gumbo. Continue reading


On the distinction of African Fashion

My thoughts today are on the distinction of African fashion. There are very few women and I mean few, who value the distinction of African fashion. It’s not Africans because we know the value of our clothes. It’s mostly the West, or a certain crop of elite people who feel that it’s their right to tell every what they feel is distinct or not so distinct about style. Continue reading


Why African Fashion Must Adapt To Stay Relevant? But African Fashion is Relevant

Why African Fashion must adapt to stay relevant? When I thought of the title of this post, I was pleased, mostly because many would quickly suggest that I am right: African Fashion has to adapt so that it stays relevant for the likes of celebrities such as Beyonce. Continue reading


The language of the African Fabric in the novel, Venus of Khala-Khanti

The language of the African Fabric has almost never been described in a novel before, until now and in the novel, Venus of Khala-Kanti. It a great privilege and honor to introduce a book I would recommend for all to read, especially anyone in love with style from an African perspective. Continue reading


On the Nigerian woman and her Red Coral Beads

The Nigerian woman and her red coral beads is a beautiful sight to behold, beyond stunning in my humble opinion. But why does the Nigerian woman particularly the woman from Edo or Igbo-speaking parts of Nigeria wear red coral beads on her wedding day? What does it signify and why does the tradition remain long after the woman or her children and their children move from the environment which first nurtured the wearing of these beads on her neck during her traditional marriage ceremony? Continue reading