State of Undress and Fashion from Africa


I have been away for awhile. My sincere apologies as I was preoccupied with my day job. I am back and hopefully will be around all summer. It’s been awhile and  will try to make sense of all that I have missed in the past couple of months. First is a series I came across […]

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Quote of the day: “With African Fashion, there are no shortcuts”


“We are all born thinking like entrepreneurs. Families and friends often encourage us not to be. But true entrepreneurs keep figuring it out. In business, particularly for any African brand out there, there are no shortcuts. That’s it. You cannot expect to be in business and be successful if you are not determined to put […]

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African Fashion Does Not Need Aid.


Quote of the Day by Deola Sagoe: “We don’t need aid, we need partnerships. We cannot continue to be a beggar nation. I have always believed you shouldn’t give the man the fish, but teach the man how to fish and he will be able to take care of himself and others.”

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Day 18: Why African Fashion needs Fela’s originality

beaded jewelry

“If you call her a woman, African woman no go gree, she go say, she go say I be lady oh.” These are the lines of one of Fela Kuti’s hits titled “Lady.” I am  a die hard fan of Fela and his music. Although he passed away a long time ago, like other great […]

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This beast called fashion with implications for African Fashion


Have you seen the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast.” In it, Gaston, once wonderfully handsome and muscled, is made utterly ridiculous in the beginning as he examines himself in every mirror he passes. Beast in the end, wins beauty’s love not through his looks, but his gentle awkwardness, his eagerness to please her and […]

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Day 16: Why African Fashion needs “Sparks” and “Flow”?”


I recently read that engaging in satisfying and optimally challenging interest-driven activities i.e. “sparks,” can provide an enhanced sense of well-being and happiness. Furthermore, if you immerse yourself in an activity that you truly love, it will generate a range of positive experiences i.e. “flow” that can be so engrossing and exhilarating that it becomes […]

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