Two African inspired fashion brands, Zazaii and Zuvaa learn to pop-shop together

The word on the blogsphere is that experience Zazaii and Zuvaa are two leading intermediaries for African fashion and great brands to collaborate with to gain exposure for your African Fashion Brand. ZAZAII ( is a leader in contemporary specialty retail renowned for having the most discerning style from emerging and established brands in African fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The Zuvaa ( Marketplace is a premier online destination to find unique and one of kind African Inspired pieces. So what happens when Zazaii and Zuvaa come together? Continue reading Two African inspired fashion brands, Zazaii and Zuvaa learn to pop-shop together

How OXOSI is shining a light on African Fashion?

We are back. Pardon our ISR’s absence. There was an new addition to the family, a little boy born earlier this year, hence the silence. No worries, we remain committed to fashion and style from Africa. First up, let me introduce you to a new online platform that seeks to shine a light on African Fashion. Their name OXOSI. Their mission: To champion Africa’s most exciting young designers. Continue reading How OXOSI is shining a light on African Fashion?

3 reasons why an online business is important for success with African Fashion

I read on CNN a interesting interview on Zuvaa, one of the reigning platform on African Fashion. Zuvaa noted that they were poised to make about $2 million dollars in 2016. This figure is the reason why an online business is important for success with African Fashion. Granted our up and coming brands are not are notable as Gucci or Prada, but we make quality clothes that are inspired by the continent we love. Honestly, if you make it, and advertise it, then like the success of Zuvaa, people will buy it. So in honor of Zuvaa and those of you thinking to venture into online business in 2017, here are 3 reasons why I say take the leap of faith and go for it. Continue reading 3 reasons why an online business is important for success with African Fashion

How to nourish your skin with African Kalahari Desert Salts

The Kalahari Desert is known for its magnificent salt. It is harvested from an area that has never been inhabited or used for industry. In the pristine Kalahari Desert of South Africa, three underground streams converge on a layer of pure salt deposits untouched by man. The pure water dissolves the salt and creates a brine solution that is then gently dried by the desert Sun. What remains are the pure, mineral rich crystals of Kalahari Desert Salt. Far from any trace of air or water pollution at the time the salt is formed, Kalahari Desert salt is often described as “a natural, unadulterated salt, produced free of harmful substances and environmental influences.” With the salt being as old as 280-300 million years old, it is also described as one of the oldest and most original earth salts. Continue reading How to nourish your skin with African Kalahari Desert Salts

The power of positive thinking with African Fashion

Most people have a pessimistic outlook on what African Fashion entails. I hope I can convince you about the importance of positive thinking with African Fashion. To be clear, African Fashion is diverse. We are not a monolithic group and different opinions, perceptions, and even cultural viewpoints combine to form what many know as fashion from the continent of Africa. Of course there are areas in need for improvement, and more people to help propel African Fashion to new heights. What if we take a different approach with African Fashion. Instead of focusing on all the negatives, what if we start looking at the positives. I think its time for African Fashion to subtly influence the way people view us. Continue reading The power of positive thinking with African Fashion

With 2017, Expect More from African Fashion

It’s the 3rd day of 2017. Happy New Year. 2016 was one heck of a year. I must admit, I checked out of the year before it ended. One evidence, very minimal post since September. But it is well. They say with a new year, starts new beginnings. I pray and hope that 2017 will be the best year for everyone in love with African Fashion. For me personally, I look forward to it with great expectations. I look forward to writing more. I look forward to achieving all that I can ever hope or dream of, but most of all patience. I look forward to being very patient with African Fashion in 2017. The stage has been set for us to thrive. All we now have to do is work hard. Of course there will be ups and downs, but if we are patient, all will be well.

My goal for 2017 will be to make ISR different from what many are already accustomed to. This is still one woman opinion on African Fashion and I intend to make my opinion look and feel more luxurious. I will do my best to inject new elegance and energy into every post you will read in 2017. Sustained performance will be key in 2017. I can easily get distracted with life. I am a wife, a mother, a professional and so to be honest, life can be quite hectic. I have a solution though. My hope for 2017 is to continually realign different parts of my life so as to work in union with my hopes and dreams for this site.I know that it will not be easy. So I make no promises for 2017. But my worldview on African Fashion will be large, not small, deliberately opinionated, not cut and paste, and engaging, not redundant. This new direction will take time, commitment, and dedication. For 2017, you can count on ISR to always remain the voice of African Fashion.





Restoring the dignity of Nigerian Fashion

I am truly blessed. No, it’s because I now live in the land of opportunities, but because I was born and raised in Nigeria. The Nigeria I grew up in, is and will always remain a land of dignity. Sure, we are not as blessed as some other countries, but we are blessed in other ways, like in our cultural values and our sense of style. I grew up valuing my heritage, my language, my food, and most especially my clothes. Being in the global fashion industry isn’t an easy task, with their fashion weeks in cities that matter to them and them only. Also, the truth is that most Nigerian fashion brands will fail, with the ones with the customers, cash and a promising business model. But what will remain is the essence of the brand, the dignity with which the brand works hard to portray that which we all love about our sense of style in Nigeria. Continue reading Restoring the dignity of Nigerian Fashion