For the love of Poetry; Introducing Ritamae Hyde

01Apr10 282Ritamae Louise Hyde, my dearest friend and author of ‘Mahogany Whispers’ has joined forces with me to share some of her poetry and words of wisdom in our very own Ritamae’s Corner.
ritamae2_spr10_0Ritamae is one of Belize’s prominent poets. She has performed locally and at international poetry festivals. Her first book Mahogany Whispers explores Belize’s history from the perspective of the mahogany trees that once towered over Belize’s forest. These towering trees were cut down over two centuries of forest exploitation and exportation, but Ritamae chronicles their whispers in her magnificent book poetry.

Rita Mae Hyde, Poet; “The first book had to be born, it was there, it is like my baby. The name is very significant. You know it was the 1770s that led to massive importation of Africans to Belize to work with the mahogany industry, to cut down mahogany and so the country, this country, a significant part of the history is rooted in that history of my ancestors, of people who came and cut mahogany. The anthem says, ‘the blood of our sires which hollows the sun.’ So this book is a book of heritage and so it captures, it invokes from the spirit of ancestors in experiences of our people. I like to phrase it as mahogany whispers is a verse in the continuous song of the experiences of a country and a people, it is not only my whisper but it is also your whisper too.”

Jules Vasquez,

“Why a book?”

Rita Mae Hyde,

“I find there is power of speech and words…they say that there is nothing so powerful than the power of speech and so it is my intention that these written whispers will make its way in our society. I want everybody to read it. I want you to read it. If you have children I want your children to read it and I want my grandparents to read it. I want every man, woman, and child within the Belizean society to read this book.”
ritamaeCredit; Jules Vasquez of

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