The year of ‘The Turban’; Revisiting a symbolic fashion accessory that exudes elegance

In true fashion glory, ‘The Turban’ has made it’s way into mainstream fashion, with numerous western fashion designers from Jean Paul Gaultier to Christian Lacroix embracing this iconic fashion accessory in their collections. For example, check out these alluring images from the June 30th, 2013 Christian Lacroix Paris Haute Couture Fall 2013/2014 collection for the house of Schiaparelli.


Turbans are suitable for any look ranging from casual to chic and there are many new and fascinating designs alongside vintage versions that are simply divine. It exudes sophisticated elegance, presence and it is the perfect fashion accessory that completes any look.











But what is the origin of the turban and how does it relate to our very own Nigerian ‘gele’ or ‘Ichafo.’













Well for the next six month, Isioma’s Style Report will revisit the most iconic fashion accessory that exudes pure elegance ‘The Turban.’ From a look back at the vintage versions, to the modern, trendy, every day, African inspired versions; come with us as we retrace the history of turbans, it’s relationship to our own Nigerian ‘gele’ or ‘Ichafo,’ (if any), and why it remains the most memorable, beautiful and bold piece of accessory of all times.

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6 thoughts on “The year of ‘The Turban’; Revisiting a symbolic fashion accessory that exudes elegance”

    1. Me too, I wore it around too and boy did I feel elegant, it truly completes a look, and just do your own version, it will suit you just fine. ooh plus post a picture when you do…

      1. of course not, I am learning myself how to tie it everyday, but I must say, when I use the aso oke material, i don’t know if it the shine shine or what, but these Parisians love it, it’s like as if I am a rock star with my aso oke turban on. I will post some pictures of it soon.

      2. Oh boy!!!! am hopeless in that regard, My grandma have been trying to teach me how to tie one since when I was 11 years old or something but I still can’t tie it correctly.

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