African Wedding Inspiration for brides, bridesmaid and guests; Giambattista Valli, Show Fall/Winter 2013-2014









For his Paris Haute Couture Show, Giambattista Valli produced a  refreshing collection that would be absolutely gorgeous for any African bride-to-be, their bridesmaid or even their guests. Yes, I admit that white is the cardinal color for the bride, but nothing stops a bridesmaid or a guest from wearing gowns that are also white or better yet designed with pure femininity or bold hues (isn’t it a celebration for all). Just check out the collection from Valli. Inspired by the world’s finest porcelain, the designer sent out pieces that were bold and refreshing, truly feminine, delicate, and youthful. Some of his dresses emphasized tiny waists flaring out in short wave-like pleats. He used lavish embroideries, floral appliques and sheer panels in some that added a bit of delicacy to his masterly crafted work.

Brief Bio; Giambattista Valli is an Italian fashion designer who held his first solo show in Paris in March 2005. His first haute couture collection was launched in July 2011 and he has become a major name on the schedule since then. Should any African-bride-to-be wish to resemble a fairy tale princess for her wedding or should their bridesmaids or guests wish to look absolutely beautiful also, then check out some of the pieces from Giambattista Valli for inspiration.

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