On Fela’s ‘Lady,’ Fela’s ‘Shakara Woman,’ plus other Felaisms


If you have been following our blog since we began last month, you will notice that we often make references to various types of women inspired by Fela Kuti such as; Fela’s ‘Lady’ and Fela’s ‘Shakara Woman,’ and other Felaisms such as Fela’s ‘Gentle’ Woman and ‘Water E No Get Enemy.’ Our Inspiration for these posts are definitely the lyrics in Fela’s Songs. This is our own unique way of keeping the lyrics of his songs alive by infusing his description of these types of women and men in some cases in high-end style content.  Why high-end? Well the lyrics clearly state it all.
fela-ransome-kuti-lady-shakara_2The ‘Shakara Woman’ whom we imagine has a seductive and expensive sense of style, doesn’t want to be touched by even a man who professes that he likes her. She is extremely stunning, with a natural sex appeal, and she knows this too. Is she prideful? Of course she is, and she has every right to be whether we like it or not, life is after all to short to dwell on her pride. She represents those Naija women, whom we all stare at from afar and secretly wonder if all their outfits are fake or real. We imagine they are real (trust us, in many, many cases, they are), because let’s be honest, there are real women, taking care of themselves in Nigeria and beyond and we have seen them on shopping sprees in the US, Dubai, and in Paris, they have money to blow and they do indeed spend it on the most expensive things money can buy. The ‘Shakara Woman’s’ sense of style is completely high-end and our images in our own unique way, pays tribute to her.felasss_208482528With ‘Lady,’ we think Fela provides a forum for discussing  the resistance of African women to their circumscribed roles in traditional African societies ( and we think the song is so applicable to today’s woman of African descent in search of high-end style content, many of whom have multiple advanced degrees with excellent jobs worldwide and yes, their own money to spend such as #LindaIkeji, #GenvieveNnaji, #RitamaeHyde etc.). While some have used this song to champion feminism, often describing it as a feminist anthem, our interpretation of it as far as style is concerned is a woman in total control of her life.

So who is ‘Lady.’ Well, she is an intelligent, highly assertive, educated, employed woman who rejects the gendered hierarchy of ‘traditional’ Africa. The ‘Lady’ like the ‘Shakara Woman’ is a lover of high-end style content. If she could, she would attend all the fashions shows in the world, from Paris, to New York, and of course, Lagos, in search of the perfect outfit to compliment her sense of style. She is the ‘boss’ lady, and we know we said this before, but ‘she has her own money.’ We have to repeat this, because there are many, many women of African descent out there, doing things for themselves and in total control of their lives (even with a family and all), and yet no medium caters to their needs. Don’t get us wrong, unlike the ‘Shakara Woman,’ the ‘Lady’ likes male companionship, after all ‘call her to dance, she go dance lady dance,’ (at least she danced right). The ‘Lady’ is also the master, the master of her fate, and of course the master in terms of style.

Fela+Kuti+Fela+1983Our mission here at Isioma’s Style Report is simple. Whether with Fela’s ‘Shakara Woman’ or Fela’s ‘Lady’ or other Felaisms, we want to ensure that Fela’s lyrics lives on through high-end style content. While Fela himself noted that, ‘Music is the Weapon of the Future,’ we believe that possessing ‘intelligent style plus culture’ is the best weapon for women, whether you are Nigerian or from any part of the world.

(Disclaimer; We assume, most people know of Fela Kuti, hence no biography of him here, if you want more information on this brilliant musician, please check him out on youtube, he is simply amazing).

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