For the love of Art; Introducing Shannon’s Artwerrk

tumblr_moq0n3Qf1v1souj82o1_r1_500 (Fela Queen)

We are so thrilled to introduce a wonderful and phenomenal artist who created the  beautiful piece above entitled ‘Fela Queen.’ You may not know of her yet, but Shannon Little of Shannon’s Artwerrk is destined to become one of the most influential artists that ever lived. How do I know? Simple, she is a super-talented, creative, humble artist who I think is eminently qualified ‘by the quality of her work’ to usher in a new era of Post-Black Art.

These arms of mineQueen Cool Jazz

Leopard Ballerina

















Her utterly amazing pieces focuses on what US curator Thelma Golden describes as ‘art deeply interested in redefining complex notions of blackness.’ For example,’the word ballerina more often than not brings mind the image of a white woman.’ A commentary by Rolling Out Magazine suggests that ‘Black women are rarely thought of as ballerinas, African dancers maybe, but ballerinas not quite.’ However, Shannon is changing this by confidently confronting the complete absence of black ballerinas on major ballet stages. Her compelling depictions of ballerinas in her artwork entitled ‘Leopard Ballerina’ and’ Black Swan,’  attest to her great talent as an artist.

Cosmic Jonestumblr_motn7krsjJ1souj82o1_r1_500Her artist statement captures it all; ‘Creating the art that I want to see! The things that I love and that which I can identify with, really shape the art I want to see. Also her passions, race, gender, and worldviews all inform and are reflected in her art.’ For black women to be portrayed as ballerinas or Fela’s Queen is a might feat and we applaud Shannon for the brilliant work she is doing. What’s more her pieces are simply affordable. Please visit her here; or here at; and SUPPORT this super-talented artist.

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7 thoughts on “For the love of Art; Introducing Shannon’s Artwerrk”

    1. She is amazing and I did an interview with her for the 8 things segment that I will post soon. Do check her out, she is soooo so nice and super-talented too, a rare combo for artists.

  1. Great Article! Wow…awesome work! Shannon, you are simply amazing! ” Never stop learning, never stop growing and never stop becoming what you were meant to be…a Great Artist!”

    PS: I’m going to buy all of them!

    1. I am so glad you love the article. I also think Shannon is utterly amazing. I love your advice to her also and I can’t wait to see what a great success she will be. Please buy all, and I hope everyone follows suit to SUPPORT this super-talented artist. Thank you so much for stopping by…

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