Introducing; Lula Bennett of Lula’s Impressions

Lula 13Lula Bennett is a first-rate hair stylist and jewellery designer in Belize. Little over two years after receiving a certificate in cosmetology from the Pan-American Beauty School of Belize in 1995, she opened the door to her own establishment, Suave Hair Salon, located at 23 Freetown Road in Belize City. Her business has been pressing on for over 16 years with complete hair care: treatment and design, becoming her celebrated speciality. In September 2009, Lula began infusing her ingenuity into materials collected from nature (seeds, wood, shells, stems, barks, etc.), creating a line of jewellery that leaves an everlasting impression: Lula’s Impressions. Her jewellery is natural yet bold with art at its core.Take a look at some here;

Lula 11Lula 12


Lula 6

Lula’s Impressions has been receiving much recognition from fashionistas all over the world, especially the Caribbean, Central America and Africa. They see her jewellery as a way of distinction and a part of their creative identities. From the streets of Belize, to runways in the United States, her jewellery captures and holds the attention of many.

Lula 14DSC_3462-97DSC_3538-110She continues to branch out into more areas of design, creating hand bags and clutch purses, and scarves of a naturally unique and sophisticated mode.

Lula 7Take a look of some of her amazing work, order some for yourself or like her on facebook at; Lula’s Impression (

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