For the woman in love with her African Heritage: Amede at the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week

img_2685If there is one designer at the ongoing Lagos Fashion Design Week that deserves attention, then it is Amede Nzeribe. Here is a designer of poetic and beautiful clothes that celebrate African heritage to the fullest. Her new collection called Efuru Heritage mixes local hand dyed materials with chiffon and aso-oke in an extremely elegant, graceful, and artistic way with strong hues of peach, mustard, and green. The African art of dyeing using tie dye and batik techniques remains a signature key quality and the refreshing modern take in jumpsuits and billowy dresses at the 2013 LFDW makes Amede a label worth celebrating. The designer presented a collection of wearable, colorful dresses with unique black and mustard fringe details that peeked out here and there at the right moment.


img_2824img_2837img_2848img_2896img_2927img_2945img_2961By their own admission in the vision for their label, Amede creates clothes for women who want to stand out elegantly without trying hard to do so. This collection was a fashion exercise worth doing, especially as it is dedicated to any woman in love with her African heritage.

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