Isioma’s Style List: Amused by Klimt Jewelry collection by South African Desiger, Henriette Botha

amused by klimt 4There is a jewelry collection worth salivating over and it is South African designer Henriette Botha’s Amused by Klimt collection. Uniquely handmade in Johannesburg, South Africa, the collection combines semi precious stones with gold chains and crochet to create jewelry this is beautiful and feminine. One thing that is significant about this collection is that it fosters employment opportunities for South African women who work with Botha as she enables them to combine their traditional skills in South African craft with unconventional materials to create jewelry pieces that are bold and stylish for any woman. Stringing together cultural beauty through a community driven project that gives a sense of empowerment to women is excellent and worthy of any style list.
Amused by Klimt 2Amused by Klimt 3Amused by KlimtAmused by Klimt 5

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