Isioma’s Style Muse: Betty Adewole for Wonderland Magazine Autum/Winter edition

Screen-Shot-2013-11-11-at-4.10.00-PMFor the new issue of Wonderland Magazine, and photographed against contrasting backdrops, Betty Adewole looks absolutely stunning, in the voluminous textured pieces of clothing she is wearin. But don’t just take my word for it , have a look at the pictures below.
betty-adewole-gem-refoufi-wonderland-winter-2013-2014-9 betty-adewole-gem-refoufi-wonderland-winter-2013-2014-7 betty-adewole-gem-refoufi-wonderland-winter-2013-2014-6 betty-adewole-gem-refoufi-wonderland-winter-2013-2014-3 betty-adewole-gem-refoufi-wonderland-winter-2013-2014-1

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