Isioma’s Style Purse Blog: Check out the incredible detail on these beaded Chanel bags

CHANEL 1Happy Monday and how about starting this glorious day by feasting your eyes on the iconic Chanel Classic Flap Bags, but this time the ‘Exceptional Pieces’ Lines. So why exceptional? These bags happen to be the rarest, most exotic, and most expensive bags the brand makes. A couple of ‘Exceptional Pieces’ appear every season and for the Chanel Cruise 2014, the brand decided to go with a beaded theme, by creating these bags that are pretty magnificent to look at. Made with thousands of sequins, beads, and pearls, it is pretty clear that anyone who carries these bags would truly feel divine at least I know I would. While the bags retail for $4,400, yes $4,400 via, wouldn’t  you agree then that it’s wonderful to feat your eyes on these incredible beaded bags this lovely Monday. Well, I certainly think so. Have a great day…
chanel 3chanel 2

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