African Queen: House of Neakey Custom Clothing Featuring Jokotade

Jokotade-Style-African-QueenThere is absolutely nothing so beautiful like an African Queen and Vivian of Jokotade Style epitomizes this word to the fullest. With a custom Iro and Buba set made by House of Neakey (yes they are based in USA) and finished with a statement Gele (aka head tie), Vivian is simply breathtaking and nothing short of an African Queen in this simple, yet regal outfit. My words today are simply not doing these pictures any justice, so take a look for yourself and let me know what you think, ooh by the way, do support, I know I will soon and the makeup was done by a Malakia Cherie.
Jokotade-Style-African-Queen3 Jokotade-Style-African-Queen5 Jokotade-Style-African-Queen4 Jokotade-Style-African-Queen2 Jokotade-Style-African-Queen.jpg7


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