Poetry Corner: My Promise to Mandela

nelsonmandelaHappy Friday. There are many poems and rightfully so in tribute to a man who stood tall amongst others. My I still gather my thoughts on my own tribute to him, here is a poem I came across that I thought I should share…

My Promise to Mandela

I wept this morning for a man I never even met!
I wept because I am afraid….lest the world forget!
I realised that each of us has a part to play
To keep what Nelson stood for alive from day to day.
So from now on I vow that I will try to do my part
To help the world remember the example of his heart.
To educate myself; to learn and really understand;
To find Mandela’s strength myself and grab it with both hands.
For Nelson put forgiveness above all that he had lost
And showed the world such grace regardless of his personal cost.
Of course he suffered pain, and felt the feelings we all do,
But Nelson stopped the hate and the resentment winning through.
So Nelson, I am grateful for the massive part you played
In changing all our futures and the difference that you’ve made.
The world has lost a father, and Africa a son
And so, as one big family, our work has now begun.
Today the world is grieving, as your earthly life is gone,
But we all stand united: YES!
Your memory lives on!

By Angela (courtesy angelaspoems.com)


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