African Beauty Galore: Red Coral Beads and Nigerian Brides

igbo-1Happy Tuesday Everyone. A couple of weeks, I wrote a post on red coral beads worn by my cousin at her traditional wedding. Little did I know that this would be one of the most searched item on the internet. So for today and in celebration our beautiful African people and our culture, I decided to stroll through the world of Instagram to take a look at the interpretation of red coral beads as worn by Nigerian Brides during their traditional wedding ceremony.
9c219712616611e3a943128efa3d5264_8But why coral beads? Well the significance of red coral beads cannot be over emphasized. Whether you are a Delta-Igbo Bride or an Edo State Bride (but in fairness, it is now worn by most Igbo brides), the ceremonial red coral beads worn as part of the bride’s maiden outfit is used as a symbol of beauty, power, and wealth.
red c1According to Professor Ajala of Babcock University, Nigeria, ‘the color red, a color of fire and blood, joy, gladness, and delight, also signifies the promise of a new beginning’ for the couples involved. Furthermore, ‘the size, shape, arrangement and color of the beads indicates social status and personal wealth’ which thus convey the importance of the bride.”
igbo-3 tumblr_inline_mnerlxcOtC1qz4rgp I could go on and on about the significance of red coral beads in traditional Nigerian Weddings, but since pictures are often worth a thousand words, I will let the pictures above do the talking for now…Bisous



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5 thoughts on “African Beauty Galore: Red Coral Beads and Nigerian Brides”

  1. I love your hand work ma. And am into Bead making too..but I went to ask u just one question. What will I do not to forget the one I learnt before?…my name harmony.plz reply….

    1. Hi, I am no longer living in Paris and so unfortunately I am not able to help. I do no that you can try say Chauteau Rouge given the shops selling African wares, but I am not sure if they sell beads per se. Thanks for stopping by.

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