Beauty Tuesday: Check out the Best Beauty Instagrams for the Week

maybelline1.I love red lipsticks alot, perfect Christmas Gift (@maybelline)
Today is beauty Tuesday, a day dedicated to all things beauty-related. See the top 10 latest must-have beauty posts and trends from premiere luxury sites, plus catch up on all things beauty…Bisous
Lancome USA2. Enter the #VegasNayLancomeUSA Giveaway and you could win everything seen here! (@LancomeUSA products worth $1500)
STYLEDOTCOM3. Chanel, Never Leave Home Without It ( @styledotcom)
Guerlain4. Perfumed perfection! @Guerlain makes the world’s most beautiful #perfume and some of the world’s most beautiful bottles to house them!
j'adore dior5. J’adore Dior (@vogue russia)
L'oreal6. Gorgeous #purplepolishes (@lorealparisusa)
Zegna7. @Zegna is a woodsy & citrusy #fragrance that communicates a quiet confidence
nm8. Helping a customer celebrate a beauty-ful birthday @neiman marcus San Antonio #NMbeauty
mac 29. @MAC cosmetics; The powerful purple of Heroine Lipstick is back for good! #MACHeroine
eLLE UK10. Carven from the From the #ELLEbeautycupboard

Source: Instagram

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