African Inspired Jewelry: Toubab Paris

Toubab-Paris-2Happy Thursday Everyone and I sincerely wish you all a very blissful day. I also want to take the opportunity to introduce you to a new found jewelry collection that I love that is full of soul, spunk, and originality plus also #africaninspired, #handmade, #beautiful, #stunningjewelry, #simplygorgeous. It is the one and only Toubab Paris.
tp 1 tp 2According to the blogspot Away From Africa, “the word “toubab” means “white person” in Woolf, a language spoken in Senegal, and also in Bambara (Mali). So why use this term for the name of this accessories company? Because Maud Villaret, the head designer, is a toubab herself; Toubab Paris launched in 2006, brings two worlds together, and symbolizes the back and forth between two continents, Africa and Europe.
tp 6 tp 5 tp 4 tp 3
So why do I love this African inspired jewelry? Well, first of, her use of vibrant, dramatic ornaments particularly African prints to create unique, eye catching jewelry are majorly #gorgeous and will add an impact to any look. Second, it is all completely handmade, completely beautiful artistic creations that are also #africaninspired  and in as soulful combination of unique, exotic shapes that will  forever add elegance to your style. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll stop for now and let the pictures do the talking instead. Visit to learn more about this collection and also where to purchase…Bisous
tp 8 tp 9 tp 7 tp b tpaImage

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