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beaded jewelry 5On Tuesday I blogged about the essence of Red Coral Beads that Nigerian Brides often wear for their wedding. But to be honest, when it comes to beaded jewelry, Nigerian women are truly on a league of their own with their custom, handcrafted beaded jewelry. So from now on, Thursdays are dedicated to Nigerian women’s unique interpretation of new modern decadence in beaded jewelry.  Like the red coral bead, these elegant handcrafted beads worn by Nigerian women during festive occasions  like weddings (as shown in the pictures below) also symbolize wealth and status. The colors and shapes vary and in many occasions are chosen to blend with the outfit worn. banksbmpro beaded jewelry 2 beaded jewelry 4 beaded jewelryI choose to blog about Nigerian Beaded Jewelry for couple of reasons, one, because I used to make Nigerian beaded jewelry at one time in my life. While I was still a graduate student, between 2006 and 2007, I supplemented my income by making custom, handcrafted beaded jewelry pieces using semiprecious gemstones, pearls, corals, etc. for women I know, my most popular at that time being my Nefertiti piece which I and a friend of mine are modelling below. blue nefertitiIMG_7529183904139207_0_BG[1]But that was so long ago and I have hair now, but believe me, Nigerian women are now wearing gorgeous, absolutely stunning pieces that I will now blog about. 2014 wedding season will be absolutely divine and since I will be attending one, I will try to rekindle my passion for jewelry by making new pieces that I hope you would like also. Also, if you want to be featured in our Thursday edition of Isioma’s Style Nigerian Beaded Jewelry galore, please send us an email at

Image credits:Banksbmpro and Sharoke Instagram

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