Malaika Firth featured in Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2014 Ads.

mala2She is the ‘it’ model of the moment, the second black model ever to campaign for Prada and now the stunning Malaika Firth who hails from Kenya will grace the ads of Burberry this coming spring/summer 2014. Malaika has had a stellar 2013, landing not only the Prada campaign, but also the cover of a Vogue supplement and the Victoria’s Secret catwalk show. See the ads below and I wish her much success in 2014.
Burberry-Spring-Summer-2014-6-Vogue-16Dec13-pr_b_426x639Burberry-Spring-Summer-2014-1-Vogue-16Dec13-pr_b_1080x720 Burberry-Spring-Summer-2014-7-Vogue-16Dec13-pr_b_1080x720


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