Bottega Veneta Prefall 2014 Bag Collection

Bottega-Veneta-Violet-Duffle-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387034993291-300x300The Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2014 Bag Collection is out and it includes satchels in different sizes and messenger bags in beautiful bright solid colors. There is so much to love about this latest collection which we are sure will be featured on the hands of my stylish women in 2014.
Bottega-Veneta-Grey-Intrecciato-Flap-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387033991743-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-Green-Intrecciato-Flap-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387033778292-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-Green-Brera-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387032973954-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-Brown-Small-Satchel-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387034633434-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-Blue-Satchel-Large-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387034496199-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-Black-Satchel-Mini-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387033883362-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-Black-Satchel-Medium-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387033659664-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-Black-Intrecciato-Tote-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-300x450 Bottega-Veneta-Black-Intrecciato-Flap-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387033743372-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-White-Satchel-Large-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387033701309-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-White-Intrecciato-Flap-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387033523102-300x300 Bottega-Veneta-Black-Flap-Bag-Pre-Fall-2014-e1387033855681-300x300

Source: Bottega Veneta

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