Top 6 African Queens for the Week

banksbmpro2It is that time of the week when we highlight the absolute beauty that is The African Queen. As always, there were lots of posts which depicted the brilliance of African women, Nigerian women to be specific in our ceremonial ‘gele’ (to the Yorubas) or ‘Ichafo Isi’ (to the Igbos), or turbans/headpiece (to others). Our favorite looks this week is made complete with an array of rich hues complimented with stunning makeup and the neck adorned with handcrafted necklace with all sorts of beautiful gemstones especially red coral beads for our brides. So in our bid to portray African Culture positively, here are our favorite top 6 African Queens for the Week…
omojesus 4 omojesus 3 mamza beauty makeup by s banksbmpro 3

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