8 things you didn’t know about Shannon’s Artwerkk

image_23Happy First Friday of the Year and how about we kick off the year with amazing and affordable art to covet. Last year, I featured a super-talented, creative, and humble artist who goes by the name Shannon’s Artwerkk and I declared that she is eminently qualified ‘by the quality of her work’ to usher in a new era of Post-Black Art. Well, Shannon is at it again and this time she has her very own website http://www.shannonsartwerkk.com/ where you can purchase her new art pieces and from now until the end of January if enter HEY2014, you can receive 15% off all prints and products.
dandridge9113 In celebration of this humble artist whose work I adore, we begin the New Year with our very first ‘8 things you didn’t know’ about Shannon’s Artwerkk and do visit her website here: http://www.shannonsartwerkk.com…Bisous

On the place she calls home:  Maryland, USA

On the age her first artwork was created: 2 years old

On her favorite colors: Black and all shades of purple

On what inspires her artwork; I have noticed the main recurring sources of inspiration are my observations, dance, people, history, and what I think of as ‘Blackness’.  Music has been a big inspiration, both in terms of artists and songs.

On the iconic art piece she would love to create; Hmm I imagine that is something that will change over time. I know right now I really want to create an elaborate piece based off this quote from the poet Hafez, “Your heart and my heart are very old friends”.  I already have the themes of afrofuturism and yuanfen running through my head, I’m excited.

On her 2014 Art Resolution: To host 2 live showcases for my art, and complete around 30 more pieces by this summer!

On her 2014 personal goals: Constantly create and achieve some of my dance goals. Work on personal/network relationships and always strive towards a healthy and balanced state of being.

On the absolute thing she cannot live without; Well for me there’s many… ranging from Grace and Love to fried pickles:)

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