Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Shoe Line: All the images

SJP 1It’s the new shoe buzz seen all over social media. Sarah Jessica Parker, the beloved actress who stole all our hearts in one of my favorite shows of all time Sex and the City, has a new shoe line set to debut in Nordstrom this February. Lucky Magazine, provided the first image seen above, by debuting a single stunning sole from the collection, then Nordstrom welcomed the shoe line to instagram with another gorgeous image of a different heel this time in purple. The shoe line itself has several images of the new collection as part of their instagram feed.SJP 4SJP 5 Harper’s Bazaar previewed two more classic sole,
SJP 2 and now Glamour Magazine has gone in-depth by previewing 5 shoes from the collection in the February Issue. While the buzz and verdict of these shoes are still on-going, I hope you enjoy all the images thus far…Bisous

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