Grace Mahary for 2014 February Elle US

African high fashion models are making an impact in the fashion industry this year and lord knows we cannot wait to see them on all the catwalks of ever fashion show this year. For now images of the 2014 February Elle Magazine are out and the seriously stunning Grace Mahary is in a series of photos tagged ” New York. We Love You.” Shot by Liz Collins, the Canadian-born model with Eritrean heritage who never planned a career in fashion, is shown wearing cropped tops and wide leg pants, the new it trend of 2014. She looks absolutely stellar in these pictures and I can’t wait to get a copy of this magazine soon. For now here are the images of Grace Mahary for 2014 February Elle US edition courtesy of IMG Models.
Grace Mahary for Elle 2014k Grace Mahary for Elle 2014f Grace Mahary for Elle 2014g Grace Mahary for Elle 2014d Grace Mahary for Elle 2014b Grace Mahary for Elle 2014i Grace Mahary for Elle 2014c

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