Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign Photos Featuring Kate Moss

For Spring/Summer 2014, Kate Moss reunited with Alexander McQueen as the heroine of their new collection. The dark and full of suspense photo was shot by photographer Steven Klein who took inspiration from the cult thriller of the 60s “Peeping Tom.”  Posing with a bold orange pixie cut and an eerie doll made to look like her miniature, Kate is truly a fierce warrior as she showcases Sarah Burton’s latest lineup of accessories, which includes gold bangles as well as printed clutches and purses. See all the images for the new collection below.
800x1004xalexander-mcqueen-spring-summer-2014-campaign-kate-moss-photos-0001. 800x503xalexander-mcqueen-spring-summer-2014-campaign-kate-moss-photos-0004. 800x1033xalexander-mcqueen-spring-summer-2014-campaign-kate-moss-photos-0003 800x1006xalexander-mcqueen-spring-summer-2014-campaign-kate-moss-photos-0007. 800x1002xalexander-mcqueen-spring-summer-2014-campaign-kate-moss-photos-0006. 800x1004xalexander-mcqueen-spring-summer-2014-campaign-kate-moss-photos-0005

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