Paris Street Style: Chanel, Chanel, Chanel

Last week, Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture Show was held in Paris and there were street style looks that were so elegant, so sophisticated, and definitely Parisian chic. While I couldn’t get enough of the new collections sent down the runway shows, the most captivating moments were definitely on the streets of Paris and definetly in the name of Chanel. In fact, there were Chanel bags everywhere, but my favorite being the Chanel perfume bottled shaped bags. The statement perfume bag is still the it bag of the moment, at least as per Paris Street Style. See all the images of the bag and other Chanel purse as soon on the streets of Paris during last week’s Haute Couture show.
Chanel 15 Chanel 13Chanel 9 Chanel-0 Chanel-17chanel 17 Chanel-4 Chanel-8 Chanel-3 Chanel-6 Chanel by the urbanspotterChanel 14 Chanel-16 Chanel 11 chanel 12 Chanel 10 chanel-5 another angle

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