Jamaican Beauty Jeneil Williams for Numéro February 2014 Edition

The February 2014 edition of Numéro Magazine has seriously stunning pictures of Jamaican Beauty and high fashion model Jeneil Williams.  The theme of the editorial is ‘On the Rocks’ and the model is photographed  literally on the rocks of a gorgeous island in striking poses captured by photographer Txema Yeste. Stylist Franck Benhamou wearing a variety of designers from Gucci to Balenciaga for this shoot in dramatic, sexy, tough chic cuts of leather and mesh for the high drama photos required for the theme of this editorial. See images of Jeneil Williams for Numéro February 2014 Edition below…
jeneil-williams-txema-yeste-numero-feb-14-004 jeneil-williams-txema-yeste-numero-feb-14-011 jeneil-williams-txema-yeste-numero-feb-14-007 jeneil-williams-txema-yeste-numero-feb-14-008 jeneil-williams-txema-yeste-numero-feb-14-001 jeneil-williams-txema-yeste-numero-feb-14-003 jeneil-williams-txema-yeste-numero-feb-14-010 jeneil-williams-txema-yeste-numero-feb-14-006 jeneil-williams-txema-yeste-numero-feb-14-005

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