Gisele Bundchen for the new Porter Magazine Spring 2014 issue-More Photos

My favorite luxurious store net-a-porter launches their new magazine Porter this friday February 7th and I can’t to purchase a copy. But in the mean time the cover of the magazine was released today and the gorgeous Gisele Bundchen is on the cover of the magazine. The magazine also celebrates incredible women in this new issue from women like Uma Thurman to Victoria Beckham. A part of me wonders however is any woman of color (besides Penelope Cruz) is celebrated in this issue and also if there were representative of all types of women beyond models and designers. I know it is a fashion magazine, but the word Incredible is loaded and if you are going to described your theme issue as the celebration of Incredible Women, maybe it would be best if they were more specific, like Incredible Women in Fashion. I still love the magazine and I will wait until Friday to see if they really portray all types of incredible women. I also cannot wait to see all the fashion that will make me feel luxurious and phenomenal. In the meantime see the image of the Brazilian Model Gisele Bundchen for Porter Magazine Spring 2014 issue.
Gisele-for Porter Magazine-3 Gisele-for Porter Magazine-4 Gisele-for Porter Magazine-2 Gisele-for Porter Magazine-5 Gisele-for Porter Magazine-6

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