This week’s most stylish purse instagrams

Anyone who loves purses should be on instagram. Why, because a plethora of seriously stunning purses are posted on instagram every single day. We are currently following the foremost tastemakers, style mavens, and fashion personalities to offer a look at the week’s most stylish purse instagrams that are lustworthy and are sure to be veritable feast for your eyes. See the few we fell in love with for the past 7 days (Jan. 29th-Feb. 5th).
1. Totally love this Marchesa Purse
2. Painted pattern on python thans to #ferragamo and totally a work of art.
3. It truly pays to be a fashion style star, check out the gift from Ferragamo to Russia’s foremost stylish woman Lena Perminowa who also happens to be the wife of Russian billionaire Alexandre Lebedev
4. In fact, Lena’s instagram posts for the week were filled with lust worthy purses, check out this thing of beauty on her legs by #roberto cavalli
5. Loving this quirky purse by #maisonvalentino
mansur-purseblog mansur-purseblog-1
6. Love this mansurgavriel bag post with the beautiful flowers by #purseblog
7. Can we talk about how beautiful this Chanel bag is, thanks to #purseblog


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