Spotted: Chanel Iman for Cosmopolitan March 2014

Do you want to travel the world? This beautiful editorial of Chanel Iman for Cosmopolitan March 2014 takes you from Sydney to San Francisco with in gorgeous looks from the cities hottest designers.
Cosmopolitan_USA-March_2014-Chanel-Iman Cosmopolitan_USA_-_March_2014-Chanel-Iman Cosmopolitan_USA_-_March_2014-Chanel-Iman-3 Cosmopolitan_USA_-_March_2014-Chanel-Iman-4 Cosmopolitan_USA_-_March_2014-Chanel-Iman-5 Cosmopolitan_USA_-_March_2014-Chanel-Iman-6 Cosmopolitan_USA_-_March_2014-Chanel-Iman-8 Cosmopolitan_USA_-_March_2014-Chanel-Iman-7

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