Ritamae’s Poetry Corner; ‘I Will Not Apologize’

ritamae-in-art-2012Hello everyone. Apologies for my absence lately. It has been a tough couple of days due mostly to to the fact that I am expecting a new bundle of joy. Work has been tough of late and it doesn’t help that I work in a very competitive environment. There are days when I feel like retreating to corner, so that people will not see me and my bump and think otherwise. But then again, there are also days like today where this poetry by my good friend Ritamae makes me feel like to hell with the world, you only have one life to live and I am going to live mine to the fullest so ‘I will not apologize’ for being a woman, a mother and a wife.  This poetry by Ritamae Hyde ‘I Will Not Apologize’ is so beautiful that it is etched all through the sides of this stunning piece of work by Victoria Macfarlane. Enjoy.

I Will Not Apologize
I will not apologize
for being me
for who I am
for what I am
and what I will continue to be

I will not apologize
for my dark brown skin
for my tightly curled and coarse hair
for my oval-shaped face
and big slanted eyes

I will not apologize
for my stub nose
for my raised cheeks
for my fluffed lips
and big teeth

I will not apologize
for my curvy frame
for my full thighs
and protruding derriere

I will not apologize
for the rich blood
for the struggles overcome
for the centuries old strength
and beauty that is me

I will not apologize
for being human
for being a woman
for being black
for being Afro-American
for being a Kriol
for being Belizean

I will not apologize
for being me
neither should you

by Ritamae Hyde
Mahogany Whispers (2010)

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2 thoughts on “Ritamae’s Poetry Corner; ‘I Will Not Apologize’”

  1. This is my favourite poem!!! I always ask Ritamae to perform it!!! I can so relate to this poem since I too was the blackest in my family and was referred to as ‘blackie picky’

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