Another Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Editorial

Happy Wednesday. With the theme called ” I want to blossom in this area of my life”, Another magazine Spring/Summer 2014 fashion looks stunning with beautiful black models; Beauty, Venantia, Cheryl, Punky, and Nandipha. I also loved how they incorporated different materials such as nylon, rubber and silk in the shoot and you will not believe it, but some of these outfits are from luxurious designers like Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, and Hermes (just look closely at the fine prints).
Photographer: Jackie Nickerson
Fashion Editor: Katie Shillingford
Grooming: Janine Pritschow
beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014-6 beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014-7 beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014-14 beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014-13 beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014-12 beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014-1 beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014-5 beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014 beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014-9 beauty-venantia-cheryl-punky-nandipha-by-jackie-nickerson-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2014-10

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