Leomie Anderson for D-LA Repubblica Magazine February 2014 Edition

Happy Thursday. How about I start your day with these gorgeous images of Leomi Andersin for D-La Repubblica Magazine February 2014 Edition. The stunning models looks absolutely gorgeous in the colorful pieces she dons. I especially love the multicolored Celine dress and that collar necklace is truly lustworthy.Her skin by the way looks absolutely flawless. See all the beautiful images of Leomie Anderson for D-La Repubblica Magazine February 2014 Edition below.
Leomie-Anderson-Editorial-D-La-Republica-February-2014-4 Leomie-Anderson-Editorial-D-La-Republica-February-2014-2 Leomie-Anderson-Editorial-D-La-Republica-February-2014-5 Leomie-Anderson-Editorial-D-La-Republica-February-2014-6 Leomie-Anderson-Editorial-D-La-Republica-February-2014-7 Leomie-Anderson-Editorial-D-La-Republica-February-2014-1 Leomie-Anderson-Editorial-D-La-Republica-February-2014-3 Leomie-Anderson-Editorial-D-La-Republica-February-2014-8

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