A closer look: Black Models at Moschino Fall 2014 Show at Milan Fashion Week

It is the new collection everyone on social media was talked about yesterday. Jeremy Scott’s debut as head designer for Moschino was nothing short of “omg” for some or “wtf” for others complete with an ode to McDonalds, chocolate and Sponge Bob. Personally, I think the designer is trying to move fashion into a totally new direction, a direction that brings it center stage to the lived realities of everyday people, afterall Moschino is a brand carried by Target, and who doesn’t shop at Target. I especially love the beautiful Budweiser dress and the reference to hip-hop’s love for all things gold and bling of course. It maybe that the luxurious world of fashion and all the chic people in it may not be ready for this new quirky sense of style where fashion meets everyday living, but as for me, well, I’m loving it all, the colors, the ode to food, chocolate and of course my absolute favorite Sponge Bob. The genius of it all is that Jeremy has ensured that the new collection will be talked about by everyone and I must say he has truly succeeded. Whether people will shell thousands of dollars to purchase these piece remains to be seen, but as for now, enjoy these glorious images of black models at the Moschino Fall 2014 at Milan Fashion Week.
Moschino+Fall+2014+Jourdan Dunn Moschino+Fall+2014+Maria-Borges+2 Moschino+Fall+2014+_Leomie Moschino+Fall+2014+Cindy Moschino+Fall+2014+Leona Moschino+Fall+2014+jasmine Moschino+Fall+2014+Grace Moschino+Fall+2014+Riley Moschino+Fall+2014+Jourdan Dunn+2 Moschino+Fall+2014+Maria-Borges

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