Ajak Deng for Adidas Originals by Jeremey Scott

The very gorgeous African High Fashion Model is the star of the new Spring/Summer 14 campaign ‘Adidas Originals’ by Jeremy Scott. The campaign marks 10 years of a successful collaboration between Adidas and Jeremy Scott. The beautiful Ajak is captured in stunning photos wearing “Scott’s bold aesthetic with that adidas sportswear twist. Among the patterns this season you will see winged dollar signs, colorful florals, leopard prints and traditional pearl embroidery–all signature motifs from Scott but updated for the decade anniversary. See more of the collaboration below.” See gorgeous photos of Ajak Deng for Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott below.
Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott-7 Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott-2 Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott-3 Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott-4 Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott-5 Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott-6 Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott-8 Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott-9 Ajak-Deng-Adidas-Orignals-by-Jeremy-Scott-10
Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

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