Why Paris is the World’s Best Perfume Destination?

There are so many reasons why I love Paris, but I must say that it’s unique perfumes are on top of my list. Even the simple perfumes you get from the corner pharmacie located in every arrondissement is exquisite. Truly, what other city in the world would dedicate an hour of perfume tasting designed to help you discover what scents you prefer? Only Paris! My favorite store of all is the Guerlain store on Avenue des Champs Elysees with it’s one-on-one personalized test conducted by perfume consultants whose job description include helping you select the perfect perfume to suit your style.
Guerlain-Paris-Best-Perfume-Destination-6 Guerlain-Paris-Best-Perfume-Destination-5 Guerlain-Paris-Best-Perfume-Destination-4 Guerlain-Paris-Best-Perfume-Destination-3 Guerlain-Paris-Best-Perfume-Destination-2 Guerlain-Paris-Best-Perfume-

Culled from Vogue.com: The one-hour scent experience from Guerlain is divided into two parts: First, clients are shown a series of visual components, much like mood boards, which help distinguish what overall fragrance type may appeal to them. If you’re drawn to images of water over those of sand, for instance, you may prefer a fresh scent to something more seductive. Next, you’ll sniff your way through dozens of raw materials to get a more accurate picture of what notes you prefer (interestingly, this portion of the test is done blind to eliminate any preconceived notions).

At the end of the 60-minute assessment, a perfume consultant brings out a tightly edited selection of samples: two “identity” options (fragrances you hope to wear every day) and one “discovery” scent (what you might gravitate toward when you need a break from your identity perfume). Since body chemistry plays a huge role in how a perfume ultimately smells, each scent must be tried on the skin. Only once you’ve made a final decision does the store present you with your perfume bottle—revealing which one, out of the 100-plus choices, is yours.

If this isn’t enough to convince you about why Paris is the world’s best perfume destination, then read more here about new reasons to fall in love with illustrious perfume houses that are truly the best destination for those in search of a defining blend of scent.

Source: Vogue

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