Cora Emmanuel for Numéro Russia April 2014 issue

The Martinique model, Cora Emmanuel graces the cover of Numéro Russia April 2014 issue. The model also stars in a fashion editorial styled by André Leon Talley and shot by Italian photographer Francesco Carozzini. This is the last issue of the magazine under the guidance of André Leon Talley. Talley told WWD  that his decision to quit was influenced mainly by Russia’s stance on homosexuality and had nothing to do with the magazine. “The one thing that really impacted me was Rachel Maddow’s reporting last winter on the anti-LGBT laws in Russia,” Talley told WWD. “There are no civil rights for people there. That’s one of my reasons for departing.” Last December a one of Talley Numéro’s cover featuring a nude male model shot by Tom Ford was banned in Russia.

 Numéro Russia April 2014 issue :

Editorial : Think Pink
Model : Cora Emmanuel
Photographer : Francesco Carozzini
Styling : André Leon Talley
Cora-Emmanuel-for-Numéro-Russia-April-2014-6-785x1024 Cora-Emmanuel-for-Numéro-Russia-April-2014-5-1024x668 Cora-Emmanuel-for-Numéro-Russia-April-2014-4-1024x668 Cora-Emmanuel-for-Numéro-Russia-April-2014-3-1024x668 Cora-Emmanuel-for-Numéro-Russia-April-2014-2-1024x668 Cora-Emmanuel-for-Numéro-Russia-April-2014-1-1024x668

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