African Wedding Inspiration: All about Style

Happy Friday everyone and my sincere apologies for my absence of late. Lord knows I have been so busy. Why? Well, I am planning a wedding while enjoying the precious moments of toddlerhood with my Belle. Quite frankly, the things I go through each day with my toddler alone, ought to the written up to see if I am alone in the world. I digress, but my toddler is simply amazing sometimes and other times, too much to handle. I really love her, but to think she is not even 2 yet and full blown toddlerhood has begun. Anyways, I hope you now see why my hands are full. I still love this blog, I love style, but family really comes first and so my sincere apologies for my absence. So as per wedding inspiration, I will have some of my friends in asoebi and so I was browing through the internet to get a sense of what styles they should sew. Each friday, God willing, I will try to post some style inspirations for my friends and for people to simply admire. I hope you like them.
lace style lace style 5 iro and buba 3 lace style 6 lace with peplum plus skirt can be long

One thought

  1. Love them all! Now I am confuse which one to make. I have an appointment with the tailor on Saturday.

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