On our Nigerian Gele and Beads-What’s a bride to do?

Happy Friday and hope you have a blissful day. So today I am all about our Nigerian Gele and beads as adorned by all our lovely brides during their traditional weddings. I mean the combinations people are using these days are truly stunning and to be honest, I am so in love with everything I see, that I really don’t know how to choose a style. Case in point, my wonderful mother is in Nigeria now. We had already decided on my george and blouse plus gele or ichafo-isi for my wedding before she left, so in my head I thought we were set. Well, now she is singing another tune, saying that she doesn’t like them anymore. I’m like is it the color? She’s like no. Okay, is it the design? Nope. So then what? Well, according to my mother, what we already agreed on, is not in vogue anymore, especially in Nigeria? So now I am confused. I follow asoebi bella religiously. I see instagram pictures of brides from we love naija weddings to bellanaija weddings and of course any and everything on Nigerian weddings and I made my decision based on what I thought brides are wearing now. I was even inspired by Brides from the North, as they take these bridal gear to another level, but I digress and I will definitely come back to them another time. So now, I am back to the drawing board and looking at these styles currently on display all over instagram and pondering once more, what’s a bride to do? See below, my inspiration on our Nigerian geles and bead by some really gorgeous Nigerian brides.
Nigeria-Gele-Beads Nigeria-Gele-Beads-3 Nigeria-Gele-Beads-7 Nigeria-Gele-Beads-5 Nigeria-Gele-Beads-4 Nigeria-Gele-Beads-1 Nigeria-Gele-Beads-6

Source: Instagram


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