African High Fashion Models: This Week on Instagram

Happy Friday Everyone and I wish you a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I have been on a long hiatus for awhile, but I truly missed blogging about all the beautiful African High Fashion Models on Instagram, because they like all other models out there deserve to be at the forefront of all luxurious style magazines. African High Fashion Model Liya Kebede graced the runway of Louis Vuitton for their new cruise collection. Liya by the way was absolutely gorgeous and #breathtaking at Cannes Film Festival this week in her Roberto Cavali outfit. Grace Mahary is celebrating her birthday this week and I am in love with Fatima Siad’s swarovski picture. Malaika’s Firth’s selfie with her #stunning makeup is #simplydivine, and honestly Senait Gidey and Maria Borges can do no wrong ever in photos. As always, take a look at beautiful images of African High Fashion Models, this week on Instagram.
liya-kebede-5-23-. liya-kebede-5-23
@Liya Kebede
@Grace Mahary
@Fatima Siad
@Malaika Firth
@Senait Gidey
@Maria Borges

Source: Instagram


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