An Ode to Nigeria’s BellaNaija at 8

It is time to give BellaNaija the praise it deserves. For the past couple of days, if you followed any of the BellaNaija social media feeds (my guilty pleasure being Bellanaijaweddings on instagram), you would have noticed the countdowns aptly described as “something new is coming to BellaNaija.” It all started almost 6 days ago, when the first countdown appeared with the question ‘You ready’?! and talks to “expect greatness” as BellaNaija would be 8 on July 1st.

Truth be told, I watched my feed everyday, wondering what the new thing could possibly be. I read the comments from it followers. Some wondered if it would be a “new app” (something that would honestly be great), others noted that maybe it’s “the best brides of 2014” (another brilliant idea considering I am a new bride too… wohooo). The anticipation was rising with each new day. And we waited like we were pregnant with unapologetic excitement for what BellaNaija would unveil on July 1, 2014.

So yesterday, the grand day arrived. BellaNaija turned 8 and in the process they unveiled their new and more refined site with a really awesome logo that I love.
BN-Logo-Screen-Shot bellanaija-at-8-2nd image

Gone are the days of red BN color we have all come to love all over the site, instead the site has been revamped and replaced with a modern silhouette, in black and white colors that truly take BellaNaija to another level. There is also a section on “star features” which lets you access the BN articles you love directly. Also, as a junkie for quotes, I am digging the BN quote of the day section, and the “love this” button #deservesanapplause. While we celebrate 8 years of BellaNaija and wish them much success, it is the comments from it’s followers that we applaud today as we reminiscence how BellaNaija has revolutionized social media (see it’s first logo below)…
bellanaija-at-8-3rd image

For example, it’s followers are best beyond grateful for BellaNaija and they clearly reveal why the site has the ultimate staying power, case in point, follower Molara Akande noted the following ” you have been a blessing in so many ways to a lot of people and a great ambassdor in showing foreigners that Nigerians are really stylish and hardworking.”

But one instapost (not a comment, an entire post) that made me really take a step back to reflect on BellaNaija today is the post by follower Abisola of makeupbyashabee. She stated the following (and I know this is long, but you really have to read it in it’s entirety to see why this ode matters) ‘Happy Anniversary BellaNaija. Congrats to their amazing and talented team. May God grant you many more years of prosperity and fulfilment. May God continue to bless you as you’ve been a blessing to Young entrepreuners. Thanks very much for the support and encouragement. Those reposts have been life changing. You don’t want to imagine the bookings we get after every BellaNaija repost. May God continue to announce you for good…Greatest wedding blog that liveth @bellanaijaweddings…
bellanaija-at-8-5th image
Now these are everyday Nigerians and many of them took the time to celebrate with BellaNaija yesterday…Truly BellaNaija is the most important style influencers for Nigerians, Africans, and beyond. And though it’s hard to believe that it’s been 8years since BellaNaija was first introduced to our lives, (visit the original blog seen here to see how time flies), their diligence and perseverance is truly a testament of why this site #deservespraises. BellaNaija has managed to etch itself into our collective consciousness as the number one site for all things naija style and entertainment which we here in the diaspora have come to appreciate and love. And honestly, it played a huge role in my decision to curate my own stylereport.

So, I am am writing this post to send a toast to you today BellaNaija and I wish you many, many more years of delivering nonstop inspiration to help women in Nigeria and beyond live a more stylish and creative life, as we catch your fire, naija style…





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2 thoughts on “An Ode to Nigeria’s BellaNaija at 8”

    1. You are most welcome and thank you for stopping by!!!True testament for why you guys #deservepraises, so humble and genuine, no wonder everyone is saying May God continue to bless you!!!

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