Meet CurlSistas, The Latest Natural Hair Blog You Should Know!!!

There is no arguing that one of the best parts of wearing your hair naturally is being able to style it and yourself with finesse. So when natural hair meets exquisite personal style, well it’s a match made in heaven…Enter, the latest natural hair blog you should follow? Why? Because I said so (ha ha, just joking)!!! But seriously, the lady behind this site is a naija girl with style Joy Adaeze of Joy Loves Fashion, and I am honestly digging the simplicity of the mission of this site “where natural hair meets personal style.”
curlsistas curlsistas
So here is how it works (I adore their logo by the way): The site will feature a CurlSista of the day, in a segment that explores the woman behind the hair in all her beauty and glory. Since it’s inception in March, the site has managed to feature some of the most beautiful natural hair women that I have ever since and their journey through life are amazing, but there style  #derservepraises. Case in point, read the story of Asiyami here, her hair and her style #awesomesauce, (shoot see some her her images below). I love these features and I truly cannot get enough of these CurlSistas.
My other fave categories the big chop journal where you can follow contributor Shaz Taylor on her #bigchop experrience.
But the style gallery is 100% #beautiful. See it for yourself here and while there take the time to follow CurlSistas, “the new destination for natural ladies with Style, Soul and Sass.”


p.s. Happy 4th of July, Hope its a wonderful day for you and yours…

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