Chloé Love Story: The Next New Parisan Fragrance We Can’t Wait To Try!!!

Do you smell that people! That’s the smell of love, Chloé Love Story to be precise, a new fragrance that tells the story of Paris and romance. This new fragrance is said to “strike the right balance between fresh and feminine,” is “suitable for day and night,” and will be launched this September. While my nose is already tingling and twitching in anticipation for this parfume, it’s the inspiration behind Love Story that’s making me long for this scent like yesterday.
If you have ever been to Paris, I am sure you may have passed by or heard of Pont des Arts, fondly known as the love bridge or the bridge of many padlocks. In essence, lovers come to this bridge, place their lock on it and throw the key into the river. As a former resident of Paris, I was amazed at the sheer number of locks on this bridge and distance people go to ensure that their locks are on the bridge. I mean, you will see padlocks of people from so many countries, signalling (cue in one of my favorite Luther Vandross song) #thepoweroflove.
And so this fragrance tells this tale of love, a Love Story with a bottle subtly shaped like a padlock, an arch adorned with a narrow blush ribbon and a white outer carton with gold lettering. Seriously, don’t even get us started on how chic the bottle looks!!! The fragrance itself is clean, fresh, sexy, and floral, made with notes of orange blossom, neroli and jasmine stephanotis intertwined with musk, wood and white flowers, just the right mixture that will make any woman feel #thepoweroflove. I don’t know about you, but I am so in and I can’t wait to try  Chloé Love Story once it is released this September.

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have a soft spot for anything Parisian, Paris Inspired and you will too if you lived in the city of love. Even though I moved out of Paris last year, my heart and soul still belongs to the city. So when I heard that a new fragrance by Chloé is set

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