Why Love Fola Is Probably the Coolest Naija Person On Insta You’ll Ever Know

There is a woman, her instagram feed and her quotes that I came across the other day that I really feel compelled to share with you all today. For starters,  I adore Love Fola’s style and her words are probably the most refreshing and transparent words of wisdom from a young Nigerian woman you’ll ever read (more on that below).

It all started 4 days ago  when I was scrolling through Instagram and I got the following  via essence mag feed: “ran into #Brooklyn beauty @lovefola at Cafe du monde in #Nola…” with the image below:
LOVE-Fola-Essence Mag
Now granted, all I saw was the name Fola and so I guessed, she is probably a Nigerian woman (which, be honest, you would do the same given our names). So of course, I clicked her name to see what she was all about and lo and behold, I was transported  to another world, Love Fola’s artsy world to be precise and I loved every minute of it. Even tumblr loved her so much that they made her the feature image on their homepage awhile back, (see image below) and she has fans who draw a sketch of her…now how dope is that!!!
Love-Fola-4 Love-Fola-Sketch

Once I got through the wonderful hypnotism of Love Fola’s site (trust me, you would too if you love beautiful photo editorials), I realized that she has some of the most coolest instagram pictures I have ever seen. I wasn’t the only one with these thoughts, check out some of the comments from her followers to discover why he she is #amazing: @claireidera stated “I’m in love with your creativity, it’s so intense,”; @justinamoafo noted the following “Fola, big fan of your work as well as your collection..., while @whosoz (echoed my own thoughts quite literally) “I’m so in love with your every photograph.” Love Fola is also a brand all on her own with her 1953 headwraps (see and shop for them here) that are revolutionizing the world of turbans one headwrap at a time. I absolutely adore the mission of Shop 1953-“to represent the confidence, diversity, and creativity of women, and to do so with integrity”-such divine beauty… By the way, the headwraps and Love Fola were recently featured in Bust Magazine (see image below).
And so, of course there are gorgeous pictures all through her instagram feed like when she recently discovered the “New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park” or her image aptly captioned “Skin” (which even her followers admit should have a 1000 of likes and I totally agree), or “The Good Life, ” lord knows I could go on and on.
1. New Orleans Jazz National Hisotrical Park
2. Skin
3. The Good Life

But her quotes like the following “I always want the truth, it’s my decision on what I choose to do with it,” or “It can be the scariest thing to put your feelings ‘out there’ but sometimes we must release them and let the universe handle the rest,” or “This morning, like every morning, I didn’t wake up flawless. But I did look in the mirror and thanked God for making ever flaw as beautiful as they are” simply #deservepraises.

Love Fola is indeed a brand, a gorgeous and cool brand everyone ought to know of. To give you a proper introduction, here are my top 7 favorite shots from her instagram feed!!! Follow her on instagram to see the rest!!!
Love-Fola-9 Love-Fola-7 Love-Fola-5 Love-Fola Love-Fola-3 Love-Fola-New Orleans
Source: Love Fola’s Instagram

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