5 Key Pieces From Chanel Haute Couture Show That Are Totally Lustworthy!!!

Key-Pieces-Chanel-Haute-CoutureIt’s been described as the chicest show ever. Truly, Karl Lagerfeld knows how to make a woman swoon over Chanel as his shows are always so memorable and oh so grand. Unless you are one of the lucky few who received the most coveted invite in the world, a ticket to the Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris, then you are probably (like me) scrolling through instagram or the internet (admit it, you are) in search of the latest collection that was unveiled today.
frConsider me your Chanel messenger (you can thank me later). I have done the legwork and identified 5 key pieces from the show that are truly glamorous and would make you swoon (spoiler alert, there is one for pregnant brides too and so many reference to Versailles). In fact, these pieces show off Lagerfeld’s skills at it’s best as he shows hand workmanship that are truly quite lovely to look at (see this image below)
Truly, he is a designer who knows how to make a woman feel regal in a modern and sleek way, and the intricate gold embroidery on his white pieces, dancing around necklines, on the side of the gowns or on straps in some cases are #todiefor. But I know your time is precious (afterall you are at work, right, lol) so here are my top 5 key pieces from Chanel Haute Couture show that are truly lustworthy and I think you’ll agree too…

1. Dazzling beads and embroideries set against clean lines almost like jewelry on the clothes themselves

2. Sequin caps on the back of heads

key-pieces-chanel Chanel-tweed
3. A nod to Chanel’s origins with boucles, wools, and tartans

Chanel-2 Chanel-2-a
4. Pantalon shorts everywhere, especially under suits

Chanel-bride Chanel-bride-2 Chanel-Maternity
5. And a maternity bride that was oh so beautiful..

Source: Images via Style.com

p.s. for my instagram fans, check out the details on these key pieces thanks to #chanelcouture
back of chanel maternity gown Chanel-detail chanel-detail-2

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