Why Elie Saab Haute Couture is the Always The Winner

Hail Mary, Full of Grace. Elie Saab Haute Couture, is SO FULL OF GRACE. These were the thoughts that came to mind when I saw the new Elie Saab Haute Couture Collection just unveiled today (see more here). My goodness, never I have seen such beauty, such elegance, such grace that it really defy words.
elie-saab-haute-couture elie-saab-haute-couture elie-saab-haute-couture elie-saab-haute-couture
I love Elie Saab and ever since I stood outside his show (yes outside his show) this time last year, I knew that I would forever be a fan because he makes clothes that are fit for Queens. I mean where do I begin, each piece he sent down the runway was a thing of beauty. There were crystals, sequins, and beads, and pearls, even chandeliers. But each piece shimmered as bright as diamonds, all of them #AMAZING, #STUNNING.
elie-saab-haute-couture elie-saab elie-saab elie-saab elie-saab-haute-couture elie-saab-haute-couture
I loved the cool blue piece, my personal favorites, but the clear winners where the pastel colored gowns and the ornate bridal gowns with lthat looked so #Divine that they would make you say your Hail Marys…No wonder his pieces are the definition of gorgeous. elie-saab elie-saab elie-saab-haute-couture elie-saab elie-saab elie-saab-haute-couture elie-saab-haute-couture elie-saab-haute-couture
Some may say these are his typical designs, his typical style but I say no, these are his finest, the details and I can’t get enough of them, see some for yourself below and while you are at it, do say a Hail Mary for me to one day get a ticket to watch the show from inside (hehehe, serious, pray). And Elie Saab #Bravo
paris_fashion_elie_saab_ paris_fashion_elie_saab_2 elie-saab-bridal

Source: Women’s Wear Daily

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