Dear Vogue: Style and Culture from an African Perspective

Hello, My Name is Isioma and I love Vogue Magazine. I am on a one-woman crusade to become a Vogue contributor and so welcome to my column entitled Dear Vogue; Style and Culture from an African Perspective. There are many reasons why I love Vogue. Of course the fashion they portray are bold and sophisticated, but the platform can use a little bit of diversity from time to time, hence my crusade.

I like Chioma Nnadi and I like that her name is on the bylines of Vogue. It also makes me happy to see that an Igbo name is among the in-crowd. But as I glance through the online material by her, I am often left to wonder whose perspective is she portraying anyways. I really don’t know much of her heritage, but I  know that she has an Igbo name (Chioma literally means God is good) and may be I am wrong, but does she not know the significance of her role? Honestly, it is difficult to tell, when even her latest post, the 10 best Instagram Fashion Moments of the Week are nothing short of lackluster.



I was on instagram this week and Buntricia Bastain had some gorgeous images ever, my favorite the bird cage purple vision by clairetransformations (see below).


If that won’t do, then by all means, the Grace Mahary image is pure perfection, I love the display of colors and it was a welcome image than then constant obsession with Shala Monroque. It’s as if she is the only black stylish person you know of which I would love to introduce Amaka Benson (Makybenson-instagram name), she makes motherhood look so effortlessly stylish (see image below) and of course there is gugulethy photography, he takes great fashion images that truly stand above the fray (see image below).
maky-benson gugulethugraphy-instagram



I am not trying to be mean-spirited with this post, but I really like Chioma Nnadi and I hope she would be given the space to work to write posts that may reflect her heritage if not her style as I have gone to her feed, and some of her posts are beautiful, like her West African paintings she found on ebay which portray her sense of African style to the fullest (see image below). I don’t know about you, but seeing bantu knots are always heart warming and our Afro, just plain beautiful. I absolutely love this.

Let’s just hope things will change soon, until then, welcome to my new column entitled Dear Vogue: Style and Culture from an African Perspective.

Source: Vogue Magazine and Instagram Feed of Buntricia, Maky Benson, Gugulethugraphy, and Nnnadibynature.

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