Meet Gloria Etim-Nigerian Photographer

Gloria Etim
In my constant obsession for all things African culture related, I came across visual curator Yagazie’ site and I have been hooked ever since (I promise to do a full post one day). One thing I love is that she created a space to showcase the talent of other African photographers and you can’t help but love the photos they portray. It’s often about the Africa many mainstream media never want to discuss. The Africa that is actual calm and beautiful, never mind the tension, which by the way can also be found in any other part of the world.

Today, I visited the site, something I must say I do always and I immediately fell in love with Gloria Etim’s photos of my beloved Nigerian City Port Harcourt and of students on their way to school. In describing her style, she noted the following:

I take photographs of individuals I meet and intriguing things I see. Sometimes I talk to these people and they tell me about their lives. Sometimes I take pictures of people when they are not aware. This is the best because that’s when they show true emotions, natural facial expressions. I usually wait at the junction of my street for about 10 minutes to catch a cab to the high school I teach at and during that time I watch these young children going to school with their big dreams and bright faces. I watch the little ones scream and cry and tug at their mothers when their school buses arrive. I love to watch this show everyday and it inspired me to begin a series – the school children series.  I take photographs of children I come across on their way to school. Many a time a speak to them. Some of them dream of becoming pilots and astronauts and I think that I really beautiful.

Take a look at the rest of Gloria’s work here and when you can, visit and support the gorgeous visual curator Yagazie.
Gloria Etim-2 Gloria Etim-3 Gloria Etim-4 Gloria Etim-5

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