Vogue’s Cover Girl (and African Beauty) Imaan Hammam Beauty Routine is Depressingly Simple

Isn’t it great when you find out that models are just like us with beauty regimes they use that can be found in your own kitchen pantry. Vogue Cover Model and African Beauty, Imaan Hammam (who landed her first Vogue Cover with the September Issue by the way) is a breath of fresh air as she spices up the pages of Vogue on a regular basis.If you are like me, I have been waiting for the inside scoop on her hair and beauty secrets, because she is a stunner.
Imaan Hammam-beauty-2

Alas, my dreams finally came true. Last weekend, Vogue caught up with the model at the Brooklyn Afropunk Festival and she did what most models never, ever do. This gorgeous beauty gave the breakdown of her super low maintenance beauty routine which I can’t wait to try. Basically, “she incorporates oils and butters from her mother’s native country Morocco into her beauty routine.” As if that’s not enough (Lord knows I don’t know when I will ever make a trip to Morocco), she shared how you “can mix saffron and honey into a paste that you then apply into your face like a mask for five minutes. Wash it off and your face is beautiful.”
Imaan-Hammam-Marc-Jacobs+2 Marc+by+Marc+Jacobs+Fall+2014+Backstage+Imaan Hammam+3 Marc+by+Marc+Jacobs+Fall+2014+Backstage+Imaan Hammam+2

The idea of Imaan Hammam beauty routine being this depressingly simple is truly fabulous and no lie, but I thought of incorporating this into a product fast, particularly after reading the following from Marjon Carlos of Vogue-“Hammam’s flawless skin tone was reason enough for us to vigorously research the effect of saffron later that evening—and as it turns out, she’s on to something. Besides being one of the most rarified spices in the cupboard, the russet grains are a beloved brightening, toning, and purifying agent. And her skin-care concoction sounds prime for the colder months, when our weather-worn skin needs extra moisture: Honey hydrates, and the saffron restores a pretty glow. With the first hints of fall upon us, there was no better time for the model to clue us in.”

As for me, i would like to say thank you Imaan for letting us in on your beauty secrets. Now I am off to try it on my skin…

Source: Vogue

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