Why Monique Lhuiller’s New Collection Needed Diversity

Monique- Lhuiller's-New-Collection-Needed-Diversity

It is 2014 and yes we are still talking about diversity on the runway. So first off, Monique Lhuiller knows how to make beautiful clothes that will appeal to any woman’s personal style. But when she uses a bunch of Eastern European Models who pretty much look the same to showcase her designs, their appeal is lost in translation. Fashion shows are meant to inspire and to be honest, Moniqe Lhuiller is one of the best in designs, but it was difficult, and I mean, extremely difficult to appreciate her work when all you see is the color of the skin of the models she used. It’s truly unsettling to imagine how designers still get away with lack of diversity in their shows. I get it that the clothes take up more priority than the models, but when you use a certain group of anonymous, blandy, skinny, white women, then, they are all we see, and to be frank, I am appalled. In fact, there was a kind of coldness in a way that she flaunted these girls down the runway, as if to say I love white people, they love my clothes and I don’t care about that thing you call diversity, I will appeal to white people and only white people (this is my honest interpretation of her show). I have tried to stay upbeat about fashion shows. I clicked on her collection over at style.com just so as to stay upbeat and inspired with what I know she is capable of doing-designing aesthetically beautiful clothes. There were many in this new collection, but I will not give them the space they ought to have because and only because Monique Lhuiller’s new collection needed diversity. I want to believe that she is not consciously racist, so hopefully my rant will nudge her to realize as foremost model, Betty Hardison would say, “that she is guilty of something she never really meant to be.” Moreover, enough is enough and having a diverse show should not be an afterthought but part of the reality of everyday existence in America. Plus this old-fashioned way of showing clothes using only white models must stop. You are in New York City for crying out loud!

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